Subi Bottle Shop Time Lapse

<a href=”

Street Art Time Lapse from Robert Jenkins on Vimeo.

” title=”Subi Bottle Shop Time Lapse”>Subi Bottle Shop Time Lapse

Time lapse of a mural I painted July 2012 in Subiaco, Western Australia. First attempt at editing on a computer, only used vhs recorders wired up to a kettle before. Painting method was brushes and acrylics. Thanks to all who came by to stop and chat and for everyone who helped out and stood around while I took photos of them, especially Dave, Barry Mansfield, Shannon Jenkins, Lee Jenkins, Arlo Jenkins, Justine Lawn, Jarrah Rushton, Tom Jenkins, Lorna Anderson, Kayla Anderson, Aimee Riddell (for daring the ladder and taking pics of me revolving on the roof) Sara Louise Pericles (for holding Aimees Ladder) Dainton, Jenny Kerr, the Subiaco Hotel and the City of Subiaco. Song by Eddy Current Suppression Ring from their self titled Album on Dropkick Records.


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