Subiaco, Perth, 2012

Time lapse of a mural I painted in July, 2012 in Subiaco, Western Australia. First attempt at editing on a computer, only used HVS recorders and kettles before. Painting method was brushes and acrylics.


Hero By Night, October 2012

Time lapse and stop motion animation for a charity event ‘Hero by Night’ presented by Zero2Hero, ‘Suicide is the leading cause of death for people under 44 in Australia. ‘Hero By Night’ is your opportunity to prevent this. Dress up in your Saturday best, stand up and raise awareness and speak up about the topic and what can be done.

Down at the Corner Gallery stop motion/time lapse, 2013

Time lapse/Stop motion video using a couple of murals I did at Corner Gallery, Subiaco, Western Australia with shots of other murals by Wanjie Song, J’aime Fazackerley, Cam Campbell, Jerome Davenport, Anne Barnetson, TwentyEleven, Calliope Bridge, Alex Keenen, Martin E Wills, William Daek and Hurben. Band shots of Leeches!

Music by Wooden Shjips ‘Lazy Bones’ from their ‘West’ album on Thrill Jockey records.

Thanks to TK, Callie, Kennaz, J’aime, Wanjie, Alex, Emlyn, Aimee, Cam, Anne, Yvette and Denise for adding a face to my cameraman mural, and Denise for her assistance and patience while I played around with my little characters.



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